If you tell someone about Nested and they enquire, and we visit their home to discuss their sale, we’ll give you a £50 John Lewis voucher. Even better, if they go on to use Nested to sell their home, we’ll give you £1,000 and we’ll give them £1,000 off their Nested selling fees. Win-win!

To make sure you get your reward for spreading the word, we’ll need your friend to give us your name and email address. We’ll contact you to find out your postal address and before you know it you’ll have a John Lewis gift card on your doormat. If your friend uses Nested we’ll contact you via email about the best way to send you the £1,000.

The boring bit: Giving away thousands of pounds means we must include some terms and conditions. Here goes…we reserve the right to not give the referral reward if we deem that the referred customer has no intention of selling with Nested. You can refer multiple people to earn the reward multiple times. John Lewis vouchers will be sent via post within 14 days of the person referred having a valuation of their home completed by a member of our team, and receiving what we call a 'Home sale proposal'. This can be delivered in person or by the customer you referred having a phone call to discuss their home sale and our recommended marketing strategy. The £1,000 for the home seller will be deducted from their fee and the £1,000 for the referrer will be paid upon exchange or when the guaranteed amount is drawn upon by the home seller. We reserve the right to cease the referral scheme at any time.

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