The biggest difference between Nested and other estate agents (both high-street and online agents) is that we offer a guaranteed amount for your property within a certain timeframe. 

With Nested, from the moment you list with us you will receive a guaranteed amount after 90 days, whether your home sells in that time or not. When your home sells for more than the guaranteed amount, you get the full sale price. With other estate agents you don’t know how much you will get or how long it will take to sell. 

Because we pay out guaranteed amounts to our home sellers, we sell every single one of the properties we take on. With other agents there is no certainty that they will sell the property and if they charge a fee upfront, there's less incentive to sell. 

Another difference between Nested and other agents is our beginnings: Nested was started by homeowners, not estate agents. We're a young entrepreneurial business working to make home selling simpler and fairer. We're totally customer-focused and we offer a number of unique benefits for home sellers, including an interest-free loan for renovations and covering stamp duty payment and costs of home maintenance after you move out. 

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