In addition to the data which you supply to us, we also obtain data from TwentyCi Limited. This includes the following information:

  • For properties in London currently on the market, details of how the property is marketed, for example the listing price and the agency being used.

  • Similar historical data for properties in London which have been on the market at any point since January 2016.

This data is used for the following purposes:

  • To allow us to personalise the experience for individual customers.

  • To allow us to analyse market conditions related to the sale of individual properties.

  • To allow us to analyse market conditions in London in general.

Additionally, we also obtain data including the names of individual residents of properties currently on the market who have previously given consent for their details to be shared for marketing purposes. We use this data for direct (postal) mail marketing of our services.

In all cases the legal basis for the use of this data is to pursue our legitimate interests, specifically promoting our services, brand and the success of our business.

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