Nested fees start at 1.75% (including VAT) of the final sale price which includes our full agency service. 

If you want the security of the advance you must upgrade to the 2.5% option. If you withdraw will pay 0.75% of the advance amount for every month it is outstanding, up to a maximum of 160 days. This means you'll never pay more for the advance than 4%.

 This compares to:

  • High street estate agents - fees tend to be between 0.75% and 3.5%, varying by agent, location and the type of contract you choose (for example multiple agency is more expensive). They don't offer an advance of any kind 
  • Online agents - fees don't depend on the property value and tend to be between £750 and £3,000. This fee is paid even if your property never sells with the agent
  • Bridging loans - a bridging loan typically costs 1.5% a month (leading to 18% a year), with additional fees for initial arrangement and exiting. You will also need to instruct an estate agent to sell your home and pay their fees
  • Quick sale and home-buying services - although there tends to be no fee to use a quick sale service, the offer for your home will be on average 80% of the market value. Therefore you can expect to lose out on a large amount despite paying no fees

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