Moving with Nested starts at 1.75% (incl. VAT). Here are our pricing options:

Sell with Nested - 1.75% (incl. VAT) of your final sale price

  • Get the best price for your home with smart insights
  • We list your property, arrange and conduct viewings, negotiate offers and work with your solicitors to complete the sale smoothly¬†
  • Property reports to help you negotiate on your new home
  • Option to access the advance to make you chain-free

Sell with Nested + Advance - 2.5% of your final sale price

  • We negotiate a better price for your new home on your behalf
  • Access to the cash advance to make you a chain-free buyer

Sell with Nested + withdraw your advance - 0.75% / month

  • When you need the funds, withdraw it and pay 0.75% per month for the time that they are outstanding, up to a maximum of 160 days. This means you'll never pay more for the advance than 4%. We'll work hard in the meantime to get your home sold for the best price as soon as possible.¬†

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